Introducing Visconn group Clinics

Video Group Clinics will provide clinicians with both the means and opportunity to carry out regular clinical reviews in a supportive, virtual group clinic setting.

Benefits for both Clinicians and Patients

The Visconn Group Clinics platform improves clinician efficiency by reducing the repetition of one to one video consultations whilst, at the same time, helping to bring together groups of patients to share their own experiences and benefit from being able see and converse with others experiencing similar challenges. The Visconn Group Clinics service uses the world renowned Pexip video conferencing platform.


Make better use of clinicians’ time to catch up with patients and maintain reviews.


Support high-risk groups to self-manage and make lifestyle changes.


Future-proof Primary Care GP Practices and support GP retention and flexible working.

At visconn, we have worked with OVER
40 Primary Care Networks in Lancashire and South Cumbria ICs.

“The use of the Visconn Clinic platform for some virtual group consultations will help bring together our patients and General Practitioners in the best use of important clinical time and in the foremost interests of those living with long term chronic disease in L&SC. We are delighted to be at the forefront of such a forward-thinking initiative”


Anne Greenwood, Primary Care Digital First and GPN Lead

Visconn is a trusted video conferencing supplier providing group consultations for both Primary and Secondary Care settings.

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