Visconn Clinic

Our Visconn Clinic software is used to deliver video conferencing based tele-consulting services for health sector organisations. As well as a highly featured software platform we also deliver a range of hardware solutions tailored to operate in the healthcare environment.

Improve your patient experience

More and more people are demanding easier access to healthcare and the possibility of communicating with healthcare professionals online. Customised, high-quality healthcare without long waiting times, unnecessary travel and the risk of picking up infections.


Visconn Clinic is a secure, UK Cloud/HSCN hosted, video communications platform that enables healthcare professionals to conduct a wide range of consultations online when there is no clinical need for the patient to attend an appointment in person.

Ease of use

The easy to use, web based, solution can be used anywhere and on many different types of devices such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or a desktop PC – providing users have access to the internet, a web browser, camera and a microphone.

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