About your consultation

We highly recommend that at some point before your Scheduled Appointment Start Time, you test the device that you are planning to use for your Appointment. 

Click the following button to test your device, connection, microphone, and web camera setup.

Note: This test is between you and the System, and does not actually make a call.

When undertaking a video consultation with your health professional it is important to ensure:

  1. That you are in a quiet, well-lit location where you will not be disturbed – but please do not position yourself with a window or bright light directly behind you.

  2. That the device you are planning to use (laptop, tablet or smartphone) has a good charge or is plugged in and has a good internet connection (perhaps make sure that any other members of your household are not consuming heavy internet usage by streaming films or playing games).

  3. That you have anything that you might need for the consultation easily to hand – especially if you are going to need to show it or receive instructions on how to use it, etc.

  4. Please relax during the consultation and speak clearly.  As you would face to face please ask for clarification if there is something you do not fully understand .

  5. Your health professional will want to gain as much from the video consultation as you do so please remember this is a relatively new way of conducting consultations (for both of you) but we feel that it will soon become a normal procedure that will work well for both parties.
Thank you for taking the time to read through these suggestions and we hope it has helped prepare you for the best experience.
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