Reduce your costs, whilst improving your patient experience

Providing video appointments as an option for patients enables them to select the appointment type they feel suits them best, whilst also freeing up beds within hospitals.

Improve patient experience

Patients no longer need to travel to their doctor, they can attend their appointment via video from the comfort of their own home or a private room at work.

Provide convenient healthcare

Patients can have support from family members or carers without having to travel to the appointment, they simply join the appointment via video as well. Additionally, should a patient require a translator or an interpreter, they can also be brought into the appointment via video.

Reduce the spread of infection

Video consultations can eliminate the possible transmission of infectious disease between patients and medical staff.

Organisations we work with

Visconn Clinic has helped a variety of healthcare providers to digitalise their operations. Working in partnership with our customers to ensure our solution continuously meets their requirements and fits within their processes.

What our customers say about us

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