Visconn Birthday

Happy Birthday Visconn – 27 years old today!

Our team at Visconn are celebrating another milestone today, our 27th birthday! Our business was formed on this day in 1993.

1993 was an interesting and eventful year. Can you remember what you were doing?

Here are some highlights from 1993 to jog your memory:

  • The Maastricht Treaty took effect establishing the European Union.
  • Bill Clinton was sworn in as president of the United States and Boris Yeltsin was president of Russia. John Major was the British prime minister.
  • The world health organisation declared Tuberculosis a global emergency.
  • In the cinema Jurassic Park was released.
  • The battle of Mogadishu was fought, featured a few years later in the film Blackhawk Down.
  • In the UK the Railways Act was passed setting out the procedures for the privatisation of British Rail.
  • Microsoft released Windows NT and Windows for Workgroups 3.11.
  • Apple entered the handheld computer market with the Newton.
  • Intel’s Pentium microprocessor was released.

Originally branded as Questmark our business was one of the early pioneers in audio visual solutions including telemedicine. There have been amazing transformations in audio visual and video conferencing over the last 27 years. Our team and business have continually evolved as well.

The Questmark business was acquired by Technology Consolidation Ltd, the parent company of Xuper Ltd and was recently rebranded as Visconn Ltd. The change of brand reflects the development of the video conferencing market, in particular the creation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) video consultation platform specifically developed for the health sector. I think it’s fair to say that none of us could have envisaged how rapidly the healthcare sector would adopt to using new technologies to virtually meet and treat patients. Our business will continue to evolve as our customers’ needs change and new technologies become available.

In the audio-visual hardware solution market the use of large interactive display screens is now widespread. With the requirement to observe social distancing guidelines likely to be with us for the foreseeable future customers are now redesigning how traditional office-based rooms are used as well providing remote working facilities for employees. Video conferencing systems, display screens, wireless connectivity, speakers and microphones are now all components of essential business tools.

We would like to thank and pay tribute to the customers, large and small, local and international who have worked with us over the last 27 years and have helped us to develop our team and business.

As we look forward to the next 27 years, while we do not know what lies ahead, we are confident that our team will be ready to adopt new technologies and ways of working to help our customers deal with the many challenges and opportunities that the future holds.

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