Enable Deployment of Visconn Clinic in 5 Working Days

With the number of cases of Coronavirus increasing exponentially, the government is encouraging all public facing bodies to undertake emergency planning. This may involve taking pre-emptive action to ensure continuation of service. If access to a physical out-patients clinic needs to be restricted or even suspended to minimise risk of the spread of infection, an alternative means of engagement is required. Visconn Clinic enables clinicians to continue to carry out consultations with patients that do not physically need to be seen in person.

Visconn Clinic is a secure and easy to use on-line video conferencing solution that can be deployed and live within 5 working days. This would enable clinicians within one or even many outpatient departments to undertake planned consultations without the need for physical contact. Either or both clinician and the patient may be in their own home or any other alternative suitable location with internet access. This offers a far more satisfactory way of engaging with patients remotely than just a telephone call. It also allows these interactions to be properly planned and for patients to be invited – rather than departments being inundated with incoming telephone calls.

As a cloud based, fully web enabled solution, there is no product download or installation required and clinicians may utilise any device with a camera, speakers and microphone, typically a desktop PC, laptop or tablet device. Patients may use similar devices or even a smart phone.

10 steps to enable rapid deployment of Visconn Clinic in 5 working days

  1. Identify number and details (email addresses) of clinical staff across one or many departments that will need to consult with patients in this way.

  2. Liaise with the IT team to confirm that the available IT environment (existing devices and internet speed) is suitable and that the solution conforms to Hospital/Trust data and information governance policies.

  3. Agree a process with the booking/administration team to schedule patient appointments.

  4. Distribute Administration and Clinical User Guides.

  5. Undertake admin and clinician on-line training.

  6. Select on-line level of support required (email or telephone).

  7. Configure Visconn Clinic to match departmental expectations.

  8. Carry out test consultations.

  9. Distribute a communication to the relevant patients announcing the availability of video appointments, including a patient user guide to help them access any video appointments arranged. Appointment details may be sent to patients by email or SMS, based on their preference.

  10. Commencement of the service.

The Visconn Clinic deployment team will meet with representatives of the Hospital/Trust to agree (in more detail) how the 10 points above would work and be actioned. This would generate a Project Service Delivery document and associated Statement of Work to sign off and agreement by both parties.

In order to achieve the rapid deployment, we would recommend an initial manual integration with the hospital’s Patient administrative systems relating to the management of patient appointment bookings. A longer-term, automated integration may be addressed in due course.

In summary, engagement agreement to ‘live’ and operational within 5 working days. Contact us NOW for more information.

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