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Video Consultation & Digital Workplace solutions

At Visconn, we support an extensive range of customers delivering tailored solutions to visually connect staff, suppliers, customers and patients on a global scale.

Why choose Visconn?

We are a UK headquartered global specialist providing audio / visual solutions and video conferencing services.  Our business team has over 20 years experience in the audio-visual industry operating in both public and private sector markets. We deliver a wide range of services including hardware-based solutions, software services and professional services. Our software services include a video consultation platform specifically designed for the healthcare market. We support an extensive range of customers delivering tailored solutions to visually connect their staff, suppliers, customers and patients wherever they may be.

Increase your capacity

Video consultations facilitate new working methods that provide better coordination and flexible allocation of resources. Whilst providing staff working on reduced hours or considering early retirement with the ability to work remotely.

Improve your patient experience

More and more people are demanding easier access to healthcare and the possibility of communicating with healthcare professionals online. Customised, high-quality healthcare without long waiting times, unnecessary travel and the risk of picking up infections.

Increase collaboration

Video isn’t only suitable for consultations, it is also being used to improve the efficiency of MDT meetings and a variety of other healthcare meetings.


There are a whole host of features included within Visconn Clinic, designed specifically for healthcare, enabling you to transform your patient experience, whilst also increasing your efficiency.

Organisations we work with

Visconn has helped a variety of organisations to use audio visual and video conferencing solutions. Working in partnership with our customers to ensure our solution continuously meets their requirements and fits within their processes.

What our customers say about us

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